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Purebuds Review

Purebuds Overview

Earbuds are the most popular choice for headphones today. They’re much more convenient than the older, larger models of headphones, which can leave listeners feeling awkward, cramp their ears and ruffle their hair. Purebuds, reviewed here in depth, are a new, safer type of earbud headphone.

Purebuds Review: Reverse Sound Technology

In countless earbud reviews, you hear about the downside of these super-convenient devices: if you like to really blast your music, you will damage your ears in a matter of minutes, not hours, using traditional earbuds. The louder your music goes, the more serious damage you cause to your ear drums. Purebuds are designed to prevent this damage by channeling the music past, not directly into, your ear canal.

A highlight of almost all Purebuds reviews, the Reverse Sound technology really works and really helps prevent damage to your ears. Using the Reverse Sound, Purebuds have created a safe listening experience.

Reverse Sound technology is very simple but very effective. Instead of directing the sound to your ear canal from a forward-facing speaker (from a speaker pointed into your ear), Purebuds use away-facing speakers and a sound collector. The sound is sent away from your ears, then redirected back towards them.

Sound itself doesn’t cause damage to the ear – it’s the penetration of the sound – the soundwaves – through the tissue of the ear that does. With Purebuds, the eardrum doesn’t receive any direct hits, so it doesn’t take any damage. This means that you can turn your music up a little louder and enjoy it a little more without worrying about destroying your ears.

And you certainly can play it loud with Purebuds! What makes Purebuds the best earbuds available isn’t that they’re the safest, but that they’re the safest and have amazing sound quality. You can turn the volume up to the max without hearing any type of distortion. You’ll get the same crystal clear sound whichever end of the volume control you’re at.

When we’re young, we all like to listen to really loud music. As we get older, we start to turn the volume down – not because we don’t love music anymore, but because we’ve done so much damage to our ears already! The human ear can hear the full range of 20-20,000Hz, but many older people hear only a fraction of that range because of all the damage they’ve done to their ears. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you should really think about getting a pair of Purebuds (or else, giving up your music).


Features of these new Earbuds, the Purebuds

There are several features of these new Earbuds which make them outstanding:
• Interchangeable tips
• Excellent sound quality
• Durable storage case

Interchangeable Earbud Tips

One of the best features of these new earbuds is the set of three interchangeable tips which comes with each pair. Each of these tips is designed for a different listening experience. Bass boost provides greater low end range for a booming sound; full range audio provides an enhanced full audio range; and the surround sound tips, which actually sit on the ear rather than in it, provide a surround sound experience.

Beautiful and Safe Listening

If you really like your music and want to listen to it in all of its beauty, you need a good set of earbud headphones. Purebuds are some of the best-sounding earbuds available. They’re comparable to some of the most expensive earbuds out there in performance, sound quality, and durability. But they provide two things that many other earbuds do not: safety for your ears and the freedom to turn the volume up!

Not only will you not hurt your ears listening to your music with these earbuds, but you’ll actually find that Purebuds have surprisingly crisp sound at high levels of volume. Many Purebud reviews note that the sound quality, especially at higher volume levels, is better than that of much more expensive earbuds.

A common complaint in earbud reviews is that earbuds don’t fit every ear size and shape, and the same applies to the Purebuds: depending on the size and shape of your ear, you might not find these earphones entirely comfortable.

Purebuds Storage Case

Purebuds come in a convenient and durable white case which has enough room for the buds and cord as well as the three different listening tips. They come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which means they will work with just about any electronic device, from an iPod to a computer to an Android smart phone. Their tough construction makes them difficult to break or damage.

You may be interested in reading what other customers say. Go and order one for your loved one today!

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