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Best Cheap Earbuds under $20

The best cheap earbuds needn’t be poor quality or offer poor sound reproduction, there are some great ear buds available for low prices, as this review shall show. There is a time and place for everything, and there will be times when you will want to use cheaper buds as opposed to your expensive ones. Perhaps when using your mp3 player when cutting the grass, or if you’re going out somewhere and you don’t wish to take the chance of losing your buds.

The most important things to look out for with these buds is the sound frequency range, the possibilities of fitting in your ear, and the comfort.

Best cheap earbuds

Best cheap earbuds

So here’s a brief review of three of the best cheap ear buds available right now.

1. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

JVC have been one of the top producers of electronic equipment for years, and these low cost ear buds certainly do fit in with its long line of quality products. Less than $20 gets you these stylish looking black buds with four foot of red cord.
* Frequency range 5 – 23,000 ghz
* 3.5mm gold plated jack for superior connection
* Noise reduction
* Great quality
* Comes with box

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

They are very comfortable to wear and come with a choice of in ear, on ear or around ear. They come with a great bass port for great bass sound.
Existing user reviews are very positive, with many recommending them. Great mid and high range sounds are complimented by the fantastic bass sound. Comfort has also been given a big thumbs up by most users, making these an excellent low cost option for ear buds.

2. MEElectronics M6-BK Sport Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

For a little over $20, you can have these stylish black over the ear headphones which forms the second of the three best cheap ear buds reviews.
* Superior sound from any portable music player with the 3.5mm jack
* Over your ear wearing means these are ideal for sports activities
* In ear buds cancel exterior noises out well
* 4 foot cord length
* Great dynamic range

MEElectronics M6-BK Sport Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

MEElectronics M6-BK Sport Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

These buds are perfect for using with sports activities such as running, or walking, as they allow the cord to come over behind you and into your mp3 player. This means the cord is always out of your way and never gets tangled up with your arms.

Furthermore, the over the ear wire “remembers” the shape of your ear, so putting it back on is a breeze.

With several ear bud shapes and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect blend to ensure a comfortable fit.
One customer review stated that while they are fantastic ear phones, their sound canceling system is almost too good, so beware when wearing outside. The same reviewer also stated that they are perfect for the price and they are very happy with them.

3. Skullcandy INK’D Earbuds S2INCB-008

These may be the lowest priced buds of the three, but they still pack a punch and are fantastic value for money. They provide a great range of sound and are comfortable to wear.
* Frequency range 20 – 20khz
* Choice of two silicon sizes
* Good noise insulation
* Gold plated 3.5mm jack with 1.3m of cord
* Many Color Choices

Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds S2INCB-008

Skullcandy INK’D Earbuds S2INCB-008

These are a great budget choice, something you can just throw on and go without worrying about breaking them or losing them. They do what they’re supposed to do, and with the two silicon sizes, you can be pretty certain that they will be comfortable too.

Despite the low cost, these buds receive a lot of very good rating. As previously stated, they are a no fuss headphone and do what they are supposed to do. One user comment did state that it can be difficult to determine which side is which, but he just put a bit of tape on one side so it’s easy to know. Apart from that, they work great.

So you don’t need to spend a fortune on ear buds. All three reviewed here are available for around $20 and do a great job. For middle age to older people, they are most ideal for because by these ages, much of the higher end frequency range is naturally lost anyway, so it’s pointless spending a fortune on buds. These are amongst the best cheap earbuds you can get, so seriously consider any one of the three.

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